Friday Day-Long Intensives

Start training early! Begin your Festival weekend on Friday with one of two full-day workshops.
These sessions of intermediate/advanced skills offer lots of time for progressions and individual feedback.
Get ready to fly to the next level of your practice!

Intensives are at a different location and require a different ticket than the rest of the Festival.
You can add the Intensive to your order on the second screen of the Registration process.
Location: Carlson Gracie HQ,
2778 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Practical Applications of Rotational Acrobatics with Lux


Join Lux for a full day of training workshops as he presents some of his most refined material. Revisit and refine hand grip and transitions in a few of Lux’s classic spinning flows such as High Ninja Star, Bastard’s Brother, Weather Vane. Then dive into some brand new challenging flows. We will study how hand grip affects rotation and how that rotation can be exploited and combined with pops to facilitate velocity.

Prerequisites: Hold a tuck sit and bicep stand for 15 seconds, and hold foot to hand, star, shoulderstand, and reverse star for 30 seconds. Flyer and Base should have a good range of motion in star, foot to hand, shoulderstand and reverse star. Base should be able to base a mono limb and be able to extend and bend leg while keeping the flyer in position. Flyer should be able to hold a straight body or open straddle position while having the main point of support move underneath them.

The most important pre-req however is to have a good attitude and come ready to work, laugh and not take yourself too seriously.

Sequences à la Jill & Heidi


True to their signature style, Jill and Heidi will teach their newest, technically challenging partner sequences in which bases shape-shift from lying on their backs to standing, express their backbend and even morph into flyers. Through the use of counterbalance, a whole field of possibilities opens up for partners to switch roles and move 'beyond the mat'. Expect original sequences, full body engagement and greater range of movement. Experience with crocs, handstands and backbends are recommended. Variations will be offered and encouraged to find access and challenge.

Pre-requisites: 30 second handstand at wall, reverse star, croc, crow tip to tripod headstand (on floor), wheel (recommended), free star 1 minute long hold, dedicated spotting, kind and honest communication, desire for other’s success